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Momzie House Maternity and Woman Fashion Brand

As women, we love to look and feel our best and fashion is one of the tools at our disposal to achieve that goal. However, let us be honest - there are days when it is really a challenge, and especially when we are pregnant. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful and inspiring, yet challenging times we can experience as women. Having to deal with morning (all-day) illness, moodiness, swollen ankles, and overall discomfort can often make us irritated and leave us feeling down.

Furthermore, as we grow our little human, our bodies change and transform on a daily basis, which, let’s face it - can be difficult to adjust to both mentally and physically. This is why the little things, like looking chic and fly and feeling beautiful about ourselves can lift our spirits. That little thing can have such a big positive effect and help us get through the line. 

Fashion for pregnant moms 

Long Sleeve Sweater Maternity Dress

And while we are being honest, the fashion industry hasn’t always been kind to pregnancy wardrobes for women. Throughout the years we have had to wade our way through fashion pieces that were drab, dowdy, and plain unflattering. We would be forced to spend money on clothing items that we would wear while pregnant and before discarding them afterwards as they were neither suitable in size or design for postpartum use.

It’s almost as if growing a baby suddenly meant we were to be invisible, unattractive, and without clothing that’s a fashion statement. And the last thing you want to feel when your emotions are already on high, and your body is going through so many unexpected changes, is unattractive. 

Struggling through this ordeal while being pregnant myself is what led me to start Momzie House

I strongly feel that pregnancy doesn’t mean that your life pauses. And it certainly does not mean you can’t look elegant and styled while carrying! In fact, I made it my mission to break this taboo and create something that will empower women to carry their pregnancies in fashion, comfort and style. I also wanted to make sure that money spent on clothes during pregnancy is not money wasted one-off. You should be able to wear your pregnancy clothing even long after you are no longer pregnant. Items should adjust to your size and any item that you buy should be equally classy, comfortable and elegant, whether you are pregnant or not!

Feel this good rocking your Momzie

Elegant Black Long Maternity Dress

Pregnancy fashion is all above being comfortable, while still looking chic or even sexy. It’s about embracing this new journey of life to the fullest while looking fashionable and feeling beautiful - because the essence of pregnancy is beautiful. It’s also being stylish and trendy, while still carrying that effortless chic and joie de vivre. Here are some tips that will help you to do all the above:

  1. Wear breathable clothing - Pregnancy can make you feel like California during the dead of summer. Wearing breathable dresses or chiffon dresses made from lighter material during warmer months is a major hack. Not only will you look great, but you will also feel comfortable.
  2. Elastic waistbands are your best friend - Aside from chic and comfort, convenience is the next C-word you need to remember. Elastic waistbands are able to expand with your growing belly, which keeps you from having to up your sizes every two weeks. Additionally, the elastic helps to keep the dress or pants flattering to your new shape without looking oversized. 
  3. Go with the flow(y) - Flowy dresses and tops do more than provide good ventilation, they also fit really nicely over your bump. Another plus is that they look great postpartum as well so your money spent during pregnancy can work for you even when you are a happy mom going to work or a cocktail party. Win-win!
  4. Get a statement trench coat or blazer - Here’s the thing, when it comes to fashion, layering is such a key element to making a look complete. And it’s no different with pregnancy fashion. If you are pregnant during the fall or spring, having a stylish coat to layer your outfit or an amazing blazer could really take it up a notch!
  5. Don’t be shy to experiment with accessories - a fancy brooch, headband, belt or silk scarf can elevate your look to another level.

Maternity never looked so chic! 

Strapless Ribbed Burgundy Knitted Maternity Dress

When it comes to maternity fashion, we’re only wearing pieces that make us feel confident, stylish, or comfortable. We’re leaving behind unflattering clothing because we deserve to still look great, right? 

Moms, what you and your body are doing is amazing. And, while it may seem like pregnancy lasts forever, in retrospect, it is just for a brief time. So take every opportunity you can manage to enjoy it. Play around with different looks, find your style, get your groove back, and most of all, be you! 

The world is your runway, and your bump is an amazing feature! Whether you need clothes for work, a casual event or you are preparing for a spectacular maternity photo shoot and need a gown - you should always feel confident in the fact that you are beautiful.

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