Momzie House Maternity and Woman Fashion Brand


Hi world, my name is Nina and I am the owner and creator of Momzie House. 

It all started when I was pregnant some 2 years ago and struggling to find fashionable, elegant and comfortable clothes to wear. Coming from a fashion background myself, I thought that this was not going to be such an issue but surprise, surprise - the fashion industry didn't really have an answer to pregnancy clothing. 

I had to become pregnant to realize that there were no brands catering to the needs of pregnant women. All I could find were clothes that were drab, dowdy, and plain unflattering. That is, even if you could find any pregnancy clothes because usually we are forced to pick oversized regular products from known brands that do not provide suitable pregnancy garments.

On top of that, I was forced to spend money on something that would probably be used only once before being discarded or unless I was pregnant again. It just didn't make sense. And my friends were faced with the same issue as well.

It’s almost as if growing a baby suddenly meant we were to be invisible, unattractive, and without clothing that can be a fashion statement. And this is the last thing you want - to feel unattractive when your emotions are already on high, and your body is going through so many unexpected changes. 

All this led me to start Momzie House together with my husband and our family

I strongly feel that pregnancy doesn’t mean that your life pauses. And it certainly does not mean you can’t look elegant and styled while carrying. In fact, I made it my mission to break this taboo and create something that will empower women to carry their pregnancies in fashion, comfort and style. I also wanted to make sure that money spent on clothes during pregnancy is not money wasted one-off. You should be able to wear your pregnancy clothing even long after you are no longer pregnant. Items should adjust to your size and any item that you buy should be equally classy, comfortable and elegant, whether you are pregnant or not.

Thank you for stopping by to learn a bit more about Momzie House and I hope that you enjoy what we are trying to do here.